February 22, 2022

A Life Lesson On SURRENDERING! 🤰🏻

As my pregnancy is nearing the corner towards the finish line, I’m dealing with my fair share of emotions…

The reality check I had today: March is the last month that I ever won’t have a CHILD. 🤯 Dang, these hormones have a way of hijacking your emotions and putting things into perspective for you. I’m all in the feels. 

What should I be doing? Do I need to read more books? Have I done enough? What if this… what if that…

Whenever all the questions and doubt start swirling in my mind, I surrender. I let go. This may not be the typical approach to entering motherhood with a million things we “should” be doing to prepare, but if there’s anything my spiritual practice has taught me, it’s exactly this. 

Negatively anticipating, obsessing over details and trying to do things perfectly is just your egos sneaky way of attempting to control your way through the unknown. 

Of course it’s important to prepare as we’re headed towards certain goals + circumstances, but it’s much more powerful to pair these actions with a sense of ease and trust rather than resistance and control. The key is to recognize and acknowledge the difference 🔑

This has been the greatest (and most challenging) spiritual lesson I’ve learned over the years, and now the Universe is giving me the ultimate test. 

As I navigate the emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy, I feel an instant wave of relief when I return back to my deeply rooted belief: if you trust yourself, you can trust the unknown path.

I plan to take on this new chapter as I would with anything else in life— one step at a time. If I can relax, be as present as possible & always seek through the lens of gratitude and the bigger picture perspective, then I’ll be equip for the inevitable ups & downs. 

I don’t need to know anything about motherhood to know this truth. And you don’t need to be entering motherhood to apply this to your life.

So take it for a spin. Next time you feel tension or resistance arise within you, loosen your grip and apply the practice of surrendering. Release that clingy feeling that wants to fearfully control. See what happens.

The universe has a funny way of giving you exactly what you need, when you need it. It doesn’t always make sense, but this truth still remains! Seek the lessons in the challenges, and always know you can trust yourself. 

… and surrender, surrender, surrender. 

xx jen

Photography: @darlingjulietphoto

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  1. Laura says:

    I love this. I love that this is your mindset around your transition into motherhood. Motherhood often demands a lot of selfless tasks, so remember how you’re feeling in these moments and don’t lose sight of your core values amist the chaos. Your core values may remain the same, but the way they show up may change. You’re strong, Jen. xx