October 8, 2021

Wylde Woman Takes Nashville

On Saturday, September 18th, I hosted a brunch for our first ever Wylde Woman meetup (in person)!

Community and connection is at the very core of the Wylde Woman brand, so it was so special to see this key element come to life. 

My favorite part about the whole day was seeing these girls push through vulnerability and put themselves out there for the sake of connection. A lot of girls came alone, not knowing a single soul! By the end of the brunch, they were all exchanging numbers, taking photos and even planning on going out together that evening. It was really special to see. 

This brunch for me, just really solidified my understanding of our INNATE desire, and need to connect with other people. To have that sense of community that you belong to.

We’re going to be using this as a launchpad for the direction in which we’re taking the Wylde Woman. You can expect many more opportunities to connect with other women in this community- both virtually and in person!

NOW, on to the fun part with pretty photos. I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our vendors- because the event obviously wouldn’t have been what it was without them. 

Venue: Ozari

@ozarinashville / www.ozarinashville.com

This event was hosted here in Nashville TN, at a GORGEOUS event space in L&L market called Ozari. The photo’s don’t even do this place justice, but you’ll get the general idea after seeing these photos!

Picnic tables: Calpay Picnic Co 

@calpaypicnicco / www.calpaypicnicco.com

We wanted this event to feel COZY, welcoming & comfortable… while being casual yet still elegant. We decided to do picnic style tables with blankets + pillows to host our guests, and we used Calpay Co! They did an incredible job with the tablescape, and were so great to work with. They connected me with other vendors, and really stepped in to help with the whole planning process. I will most certainly be using them again for future events! 

Furniture rental: Mayker

@maykercreative / www.mayker.com

We wanted additional seating in the space to bring it all together, and make sure everyone had ample space for mingling + connecting. Mayker was INCREDIBLE to work with— they are known for doing beautiful home staging, but they also do event rentals. When they dropped off the furniture, they were so meticulous with positioning of each piece to make sure it all flowed perfectly in the space. True professionals. Check out their online catalog- their stuff is absolutely beautiful. 

Florals: Sunburst Florals


I worked with Sam from Sunburst Florals— and she nailed my vision. Boho, earthy neutrals with a touch of femininity. Not to mention she was wonderful to work with! 

Plants: Knockin Roots


Earthy greenery are key visual elements of the Wylde Woman Brand— so I had Beth from @knockinroots come in and do her magic. She added her beautiful potted greenery all over the space to bring in those Bali vibes we all know and love. Beth sells her potted plants directly from her Insta– so if you’re local to Nashville, definitely give her a follow!

Backdrop Panels: Elizabeth Events

@elizabethevents_ / www.elizabethevents.com

I rented a beautiful backdrop from Elizabeth Events as our main picture opp, and it was absolutely perfect. She even painted the panels two tones before the event to match our colors. She’s an angel to work with, and I can’t wait to use this backdrop (as well as her event planning services) for future events! 

Lit sign: Alpha Lit 

@alphalitnashville / www.alphalitletters.com

I rented our lit up Wylde Woman sign from Alpha Lit! …and wow- I honestly wasn’t expecting this to be a MAIN feature of our event, but it was. Looking back on photo’s, this stunning sign truly tied the whole space together. 

Jewelry Welding: The Spark Collection


We wanted to bring in a vendor that would leave a lasting impression on these girls and something to remember the event by. We brought in Spark Collection for a custom welded jewelry experience! They have stunning 18k chains that they can custom make into bracelets, necklaces, anklets and rings. 

Balloons: Float Franklin


Balloons are another element that added such a special touch to the entire space. We went with Float Franklin- and they were wonderful! I gave them a general idea of the color scheme I was going for, but then I trusted them to bring my vision to life. They certainly did! 

Mobile bar: Piccole Bolle

@piccolebolle / https://www.piccolebolle.com/

That cute little mobile bar you saw in photos? Her name was Pixie from Piccole Bolle. I think the photos clearly show how much of special touch it added to the entire event! We had champagne and cold brew on tap, with our own bartender to make sure things ran smoothly and there were no thirsty girls in line! I also cannot say enough amazing things about this company as a whole. They were SO wonderful to work with— from planning, to setup, to takedown. I saved our custom signs that we used on Pixie so we can use them again and again for all of our future events! 

*Delicious cold brew from Honest Coffee Roasters*

Custom Cookies: Kendall Taylor Cookies


It’s all in the little details! I purchased a few dozen custom cookies from Kendall Taylor Cookies. I gave them my brand kit with colors, logos, etc… and they created magic! I was initially going to put them in the swag bags, but they were so beautiful I knew they needed to be on display. I added one to each plate which brought a little of the WW brand into the tablescape.

Catering: Array Meals

@arraymeals / Array Meals

Delicious brunch food brought to you by Array Meals! I worked with them closely to come up with the perfect menu- and they brought it all to life. From breakfast tacos, to chopped kale salad, biscuits and candied bacon- we had food for DAYS and the spread was absolutely beautiful.

Side note: they also do healthy meal prepping here in Nashville! 

Dessert Table: From Yours Truly

Ha I had so much fun putting together this sweet spread… even though I elevated my blood sugar levels significantly in the process.

I got these goodies from random stores + bakeries in Nashville, but the stars of the show were the churros & chocolate cups, and the key lime pie jars. Both from @Bartacolife ! The warm churros are next level, and the key lime pies are literally the BEST in town.

I also got cotton candy puffs from @pandycottoncandy. I displayed individual ones directly on the dessert table in their cute little packages, and a bucket on our bar to pop into champagne cups. Everyone loved these!

Photography: Laura Moll Photography 

@lauramollphoto / https://www.lauramoll.net/

All of our photos are from Laura Moll Photography. A huge thank you to Laura for capturing our event beautifully 🖤

I’ll leave y’all with a few more below!

xx, Jen

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  1. Amanda Schlegel says:

    Love it!

  2. Samantha Samarasinghe says:

    Love it! I will be at the next one! Can’t wait